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Wxpython 2.9 on Linux

I needed to test one of my programs on Linux. It’s written in Python using wxPython


SSH Port Forwarding

This will essentially create a VPN(Private Virtual Network) via SSH. It will allow you to access web pages that otherwise only are accessible from within the local network or browse the internet looking like you are on your home IP address


Zim Desktop Wiki Note Taking the Awesome Way Part Two

I got all excited about Zim Desktop Wiki and I wrote a post about it here. However, after using the program for a couple of months I concluded that it didn’t cover my needs.


Zim Desktop Wiki - Note Taking the Awesome Way Part One

I have been using OneNote for a couple of years for notes in school. However, OneNote is proprietary software and the format it saves to is a proprietary file format. For school OneNote it’s great and the workflow I have there is a good fit.


HTC 8x Review

I’ve had the HTC 8X with the Windows Phone OS for about two months and I have some thoughts about the phone that I share in this review.


Thinkpad W530 Review

I bought the ThinkPad W530 only about a week after its release in Denmark. I needed an all-in-one laptop for school work and light gaming. As of the writing of this post, I have had the laptop for about 4 months and I have a good idea of the pros and cons of the laptop.