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Automate Git Push Deploy on Unoeuro

Some time ago I moved my blog back to be a static site after a couple of years of using WordPress. In doing so, I needed a more convenient and robust way to publish the site than I had done with my previous static site.


Converting All My divx Video Files to mkv Because of Plex

For a long time, we have been using the Raspberry Pi 2 with RasPlex as a frontend for Plex server. However, the RasPlex project seems to be dead as there has not been updated since 2017.


A Look at OneNote (UWP) for Windows 10

Some time ago Microsoft announced that they are sunsetting the desktop version of OneNote 2016. Normal Support is to end in October 2020 and extended support in October 2025.


Why I Still Use Onenote and Why It Is Awesome

I have written a lot about my note-taking adventures on this blog. I have tried just about every note-taking application known to men… known to me at least.


What I Use - Podget a Simple Podcast Aggregator

After moving outside the city zone a couple of years ago, we no longer have access to a Fiber internet connection. So, instead of the 100/100 Megabit connection, we had before we moved we are left with an awfully slow DSL broadband connection with the depressing speed of 10/1 Megabit.


Ronn Bundgaard Is Now HTTPS via Let's Encrypt

I have always wanted to offer HTTPS on my blog. However, a traditional SSL certificate just costs too much for a simple personal blog like this. However, Let’s Encrypt has changed that.


What I Use New Series Introduction

I am starting a new series on this blog called, you guessed it, “What I use”.


Back on WordPres

Over the Christmas holidays of 2014/2015, I switched my blog from WordPress to the static site generator Pelican. I did this mostly because static site generators was the new hotness among geeks, the geek factor was high, and I wanted to try something new.


Drobo Update 6 Month After

It has been about six months with theDrobo‘s and here is my Drobo update as I promised in my blog post I Replaced My FreeNAS Server With A Drobo where I also explain why I came to use Drobo.


I Replaced My Freenas Server With a Drobo

I build my FreeNAS Server in 2008 with an Intel D945GCLF2 Atom 330 Dual-Core motherboard and CPU and six 1TB WD green drives. This server has been running 24/7 since then without an issue.